Erämaan Viimeinen

Erämaan Viimeinen

The existence of this single was announced, to everyone’s surprise, less than 15 days before it was released in Finland. "Erämaan Viimeinen" (literally « The Last of the Wilds ») is a new extract from “Dark Passion Play", released in Finland only. Actually, this is “Last of the Wilds”, which is an instrumental song on the album, with Finnish lyrics sang by Jonsu from Indica and not Anette (since her Finnish is still not perfect yet). This is a simple single, with a simple tracklist but this song is half new thanks to the lyrics and the vocal lines.

Release date: December 5th, 2007 in Finland only.

Composed by Tuomas Holopainen.
Sang by Jonsu from Indica.

Tracklisting :
- Erämaan Viimeinen (feat. Jonsu)
- Erämaan Viimeinen (instrumental)



Unlike Nuclear Blast which always promotes widely by giving multiple announcement several weeks before a single is released and by releasing several version of a single, Spinefarm Records, which released this « Finland exclusive » single, not only announced the existence of this single two weeks before its release but also released a simple 2 tracks CD with a limited content:


CD Single :
01. Erämaan Viimeinen (feat. Jonsu)
02. Erämaan Viimeinen (instrumental)


Last Of The Wilds



More infos !

“Erämaan Viimeinen” history:
The fact that Nightwish kept Spinefarm Records as their record company for Finland only (while Nuclear Blast deals with the rest of Europe except UK which is dealt with Spinefarm’s English subsidiary) leads to strange arrangements regarding singles. Indeed, record companies don’t restrain themselves from choosing their own singles. While Eva and Amaranth were chosen unanimously, the two record companies had different views toward the next single: on the one hand, “Bye Bye Beautiful” that was released in February 2008 (CD-Single, DVD-Single, Tee Shirts, Picture Discs etc…) by Nuclear Blast; On the other hand, Spinefarm did not release it in shops but only sent promo CDs to radios and the video to musical TV channels. Besides, Spinefarm surprisingly chose to release another new single: a version of Last of the Wilds with vocals. The release is minimalist: a 2 tracks single and nothing else (no video for instance!). This is far from Nuclear Blast’s commercial show-off habit, but it is enough for Finland since the Finnish song did very well in sales as soon as it came out.

(On the opposite picture: Jonsu from Indica)
Indica is a Finnish pop-rock band of 5 ladies. Their albums are very easy-listening, even though the language can put some foreigners off, and Jonsu’s crystal-clear voice brings a real identity to the band, which is successful in Finland. Indica was also the opening act for Nightwish in 2007 while they were playing in Scandinavia. You can check the band out on their official website or on YouTube that has many videos from the band!


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  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
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