Sleeping Sun (remake)

Sleeping Sun 2005

Sleeping Sun is the single that was used to promote the release of the best-of "Highest Hopes". For the occasion, the song was re-recorded and changed a little; especially Tarja’s singing which is a lot less lyrical than in the 1999 original version. This is the last song that Tarja recorded with Nightwish.

Release date: October 19th 2005
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen
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01. Sleeping Sun (2005 radio edit)
02. Sleeping Sun (2005 full version)
03. Sleeping Sun (original version)
04. Sleeping Sun (2005 video version)



Sleeping Sun 2005The release of the single was a small event considering the popularity of this song. Sleeping Sun is one of the fans’ favorite ballads! Yet, the CD-single is not really delightful: the track list is quite monotone (well, ok…really monotone). If you don’t like Sleeping Sun, that’s a pity…There is no other bonus or song: one can really feel that there was no particular effort made for this single, except a beautiful video that can be found on the CD-single and the DVD-single. A real beauty. This is the last video with Tarja.



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Sleeping Sun 2005 history:
Originally, Sleeping Sun was a bonus tracks from Oceanborn, released in 1998 and wrote for the 1999 eclipse. The original version of the song enjoyed a great success with the first “real” video for the band (remember the famous bath tub….that one). In 2005, Nightwish’s best-of “Highest Hopes” was released and, for the occasion, Universal asked the band to re-record one of their biggest success to promote the best-of. This is how Sleeping Sun was chosen, re-recorded and was given a new video. The video was a success both for fans and TV channels that broadcast it quickly. However, the fans were more divided concerning Tarja’s singing: a “Once” type of singing that was not especially a problem among that album but much more “hearable” when it was done on a song that belonged to a period when she would only sing with a lyrical voice.


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  • World - Universal Music 2005 - 987407-2 - DVD single - PAL
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