Ever Dream

Ever Dream

EVER DREAM is the first extract from the album Century Child which is the band’s fourth album. Ever Dream was only released in Finland again (like many other singles at the time), and reached the top of the Finnish charts after many radio broadcasts in Finland. This EP contains the album version of Ever Dream, the cover of “The Phantom of the Opera” which is available on Century Child and the Japanese bonus track entitled “The Wayfarer”.

Release date: 2002
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen

01. Ever Dream
02. Phantom Of The Opera
03. The Wayfarer (Non Album Track)



CDEver Dream did not make a big career as a single, except in Finland where it did well. Only one version was released – a regular EP (crystal box) with three tracks among which The Wayfarer, an unreleased track. No CD Rom bonus, no video shot since there was no single shot for Ever Dream, unfortunately!




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Ever Dream history:
After three albums (Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster), an EP help fans to wait (Over The Hills and Far Away), and many rumors about Tarja leaving the band (forcing Nightwish to repeat many times that it was wrong), Century Child is expected by the fans. Moreover, Sami, the band’s bass player was fired and Marco Hietala, ex-Sinergy, took his place for the album and the tour (he’s been part of the band since then). This also gave the male vocals a bigger part than on the previous albums. Ever Dream is then released in April 2002 to announce the release of Century Child the following month. Why Ever Dream? Simply because, for the band, it is the best representation of the album. Unfortunately, no video was shot for this single which is a pity. However, another single called Bless The Child, was released in August 2002 and this single was given a beautiful video!

"All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you.One I now have, will the other one ever dream remain.For yours I truly wish to be."


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  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio = audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
    CDS : CD Single
    mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
    VD : Video-disc