Deep Silent Complete

Deep Silent Complete

DEEP SILENT COMPLETE is the only official single from Wishmaster. It came out a little while before the release of the album, but in Finland only. The CD offers Sleepwalker as a bonus track. This song is also a bonus track for Japan and was used for the Eurovision (read Guillaume’s review for more details). Unfortunately, no video was shot for Deep Silent Complete even though its theme (the ocean and sirens) could have been the starting point for something wonderful.

Release date: 2000
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen

01. Deep Silent Complete 3'57
02. Sleepwalker (Previously Unreleased version) 3'10



CDThe sirens’ singing did not urge the record companies to promote the album as well as they do now for every new single (there are so many versions for every single, now), that is why Deep Silent Complete was only released in Finland in a single version: a regular two tracks maxi-CD. So was the CD offered by Nightwish a few weeks before the release of their long-awaited third album Wishmaster: no bonus track, no video, no CD rom and a plain cover.

This CD is not available anymore in shops but can quite easily be found on Ebay, for a rather reasonable prize.




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Deep Silent Complete history:
After the success of Oceanborn, people were expecting a lot from the band. Wishmaster, the band’s third album, was about to be released. How would the band progress? Would they top Oceanborn? There were so many questions; and the release of the first single, that presaged a fantastic album, gave people their first answers.

Review of Deep Silent Complete by Guillaume:
Oceanborn and the single Sacrament of Wilderness were gold records in 1999 but Nightwish kept going and entered the studio in early 2000 to record Wishmaster, their third album. Deep Silent Complete, the only single from this album (the Kinslayer only came out as a promo CD), offers two songs: Deep Silent Complete and Sleepwalker.
Deep Silent Complete is a varied track that wavers between a hushed ballad with heavy and fast-paced riffs. Tarja’s voice is perfectly shown off to advantage and the enchanting vocals of the diva perfectly illustrate the content of the song by reminding us of the sirens’ singing.
Deep Silent Complete’s lyrics drive us through Tuomas’ dreams from where a bewitching poetry linked to the sea, the Earth and Heaven slips out to us.
The song quickly became an inevitable hymn in Nightwish’s repertoire and has rarely been taken off from their set lists since the chorus is such an invitation to sing.
Sleepwalker was written for the Eurovision. As a matter of fact, Nightwish took part in the Finnish qualifications in 2000. They were eventually not chosen despite a great support from people who made them reach number 1 while the jury put them on the 3rd place. The version on the single is different from the one that was sung at the Eurovision: it is longer and heavier. However, Sleepwalker remains a calm song in which each instruments has its place. Tuomas kept on using its favorite themes and lead us to a dream where ocean, passions and seductions are intertwined.
 On December 29th 2000, as Nightwish was recording its live DVD in Tampere, the band was given gold records for the single. Entirely composed by Tuomas recorded and arranged in the Caverock and Finnvox studios, the production is flawless.
The artwork is minimalist but plays with ambiguity: one can hesitate seeing an evening sky or a seashore with a gradation of orange. Nightwish keeps seducing us and the simplicity mixed with the masterly skills that we can notice in the compositions make everybody with a love for Nightwish and collection feel the need to own this single.


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  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio = audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
    CDS : CD Single
    mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
    VD : Video-disc