Sacrament Of Wilderness

Sacrament Of Wilderness

SACRAMENT OF WILDERNESS is the first extract from Oceanborn, one of the band’s biggest successes. This song is a sheer moment of heavy metal and it also represents the album quite well. Released in 1998 by Spinefarm Records, this maxi CD cannot be found in shops anymore. A live video was shot on the occasion but the band’s performance is pretty disastrous compared to what they do now (as admitted by the band members themselves).

Release date: 1998
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen and Emppu Vuorinen

01. Nightwish: Sacrament Of Wilderness 4'09
02. Eternal Tears Of Sorrow: Burning Flames' Embrace 4'06
03. Darkwoods My Betrothed: The Crow And Warrior 4'21




CDSpinefarm strikes once more with the same approach that for the band’s first single – The Carpenter. Indeed, only one version is available as a standard maxi-CD that contains only one track by Nightwish (Sacrament Of Wilderness, obviously) and two bonus tracks to promote two other bands from the record company: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow and Darkwoods My Betrothed.

This CD is not available anymore in shops but can sometimes be found on Ebay. If you see it, don’t hesitate! The chance may not show later!



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Sacrament Of Wilderness history:
After the release of Angels Fall First, their first album that drew the attention of people thanks to its originality (the union of a classical and lyrical voice and modern music), Nightwish confirm their talent by releasing their second album, Oceanborn, in 1998. To promote this album, a first single was released as well as a video: Sacrament Of Wilderness. Then, Walking in the air came out as a second single, as well as Sleeping Sun which is a bonus track on several editions of Oceanborn.


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  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio = audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
    CDS : CD Single
    mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
    VD : Video-disc