After a very dynamic Summer Camp (you can read our special page on that Summer Camp), Nightwish polished the demo of Dark Passion Play’s successor, which should be released at the end of 2011, if everything goes as planned.

Therefore, Nightwish is back in the studio to start recording the final version of the album!

On this special mini website by, you can read the last reports signed by the members of the band, but you can also see the pictures and the videos…

Finally, you should regularly check the « Summary » section which gathers all the info we have on the new album.

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NIGHTWISH’s 7th album - studio report special pages

1997 : Angels Fall First

1998 : Oceanborn

2000 : Wishmaster

2002 : Century Child

2004 : Once

2007 : Dark Passion Play

2011 : ???