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02/02/2011 : New album update
Tuomas issues a new album update :

In the excitement of Yuletide magic I wrote there would be secrets revealed at the end of January. There are big things happening within and around the Nightwish camp but the Big Boys and Bosses just sent me an ultimatum to keep my mouth shut for a couple more months, or I would wake up with a horse`s head in my bed.

I truly am very sorry about needing to keep future plans and sights still in secrecy. The purpose is not to annoy anybody or cause a carefully planned hype over the matter. Due to the changes in the schedule things will be revealed later during the spring.

The recordings continue, I`m off to E-Major Studios next weekend to put together all the files for the orchestral and choir sessions in London. I`m in daily contact with Mr. Pip Williams, going over the arrangements and new ideas for the songs. The demos he has sent me sound simply otherworldly! Beautiful, twisted, tribal and cinematic stuff. And with a theme album coming up, the mood changes seem to be more present than ever before.
Yup, it still is the Burton-Gaiman-Dali - amusement park we are about to enter.

More coming up once the mobsters grant me permission,


In the original finnish text, Tuomas also said that there will be a couple of songs without any orchestra !
16/01/2011 : Tuomas interview (Updated)
Metal Hammer did a video interview of Tuomas finishing the demo for the next Nightwish album.

There is some audio played by Tuomas' keyboard during the video... Maybe it comes from the demo itself ? ;)

(Update : actually it's a song for the next Kotiteollisuus album ;))

click here to watch the video
07/01/2011 : Happy new year !
We wish you a happy new year !!

2011 will be a big year for Nightwish, with the releases of the new single, new album and new tour !
22/12/2010 : Nightwish to reveal 'Future Plans' in january
Tuomas left a message on :

The year is coming to an end and we`re all getting ready for a hell of a rollercoaster ride of 2011! This past year has been a very fruitful one, if also a mind-filling one, from writing the songs for the album to come, rehearsing them in the memorable summer camp in Röskö, recording the demo, recording the actual album (drums, guitars and basses already done), and planning the year ahead. The summer was also blessed with the births of two new members for the Nightwish family, Jukka`s daughter Lara and Anette`s son Nemo. A most unforgettably wonderful summer!

In late January 2011 we will reveal near future plans of the band and some visions to come. I hope it will make all of you as thrilled as it has made us! Like good ole` Pinhead said: "We have such sights to show you..."

I wish everybody a peaceful, magic-filled Yuletide and an inspiring year 2011!

11/12/2010 : Anette & PhoneBlogg
Anette will broadcast some videos from her cellphone during the next months with PhoneBlogg :

More info : PhoneBlogg
21/11/2010 : Sunday news
Hello there ! Here are the latest news :

- A new studio report, written by Emppu, is available here : Studio Report

- Marco cooking "something" on a Finnish TV-show ! Click here !
(and watch the interview that follows his performance : Click here !)

- Anette answering questions from fans : Anette's blog

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