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03/09/2011 : New single: Storytime!
The first single of the upcoming album IMAGINAERUM is named Storytime and is due to be released on November 11th 2011!

The tracklist and the first extracts of the single will be released in about a week!
02/09/2011 : New name for the upcoming album
To avoid confusions with already existing works named “Imaginarium”, Nightwish decided to rename their album and movie as “IMAGINAERUM”.
02/09/2011 : Imaginarium release date moved forward!
Nightwish just announced through their official website that Imaginarium will be released at the end of the year 2011, instead of January 2012. Could it get any better?!

They will soon give more information about the track list and the first single!

Hold on, it’s coming closer!
02/09/2011 : Imaginarium release date
Nuclear Blast announced that Imaginarium, Nightwish’s 7th album, is to be released on January 13th 2012!

Another couple of months to wait before the release of the first single, planned for the end of the year!

Source: Nuclear Blast Katalog
22/07/2011 : Anette's demo version of Ever Dream
Anette published on her MySpace the demo of Ever Dream she sent to the band when auditioning!

You can listen to it here
19/07/2011 : New Kiteen Pallo hymn
The Kiteen Pallo Finnish team, for whom Nightwish made a song (known as "Kipa song" or "Kiteen Pallo", available on our Audio page), just got themselves a brand new hymn!

It is in fact the remix of a track based on the main riff and chorus of 11th song of Imaginarium, by DJ Orkidea (who also made the Bye Bye Beautiful remix).

Let's appreciate this preview of the upcoming album, whose release is still scheduled for the beginning of 2012!

Go to our Audio page to listen to it or click here (right click, "Save as"):

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