F.A.Q. about Nightwish

  • What style of music does Nightwish play?
    According to Tuomas himself, leader and compositor of the band, Nightwish plays melodic heavy metal with female vocals.
  • Who are the members of the band?
    Tuomas (keyboards), Anette (vocals), Marco (bass & vocals), Jukka (drums) and Emppu (guitar). You can find all the information on our « line up » page.
  • Why is Tarja not a member of the band any more?
    The 4 guys of the band decided to part with Tarja at the end of October 2005 because they did not share the same ambitions and musical priorities. They blamed her for being excessively interested in money and in her own career. You can read Tuomas’ letter to Tarja and her official answer on their official websites.

  • Is there any concert planned in France ?
    All the concerts are to be found on our « tour » page. If there is no concert announced on that page, it means that there is no French concert officially confirmed for now. Obviously, the same rule applies to the other countries as well.

  • Where can I buy my tickets?
    Tickets are available at the usual retailers: Fnac, Carrefour, Virgin etc... On the internet: fnac.com and ticketnet.fr, for example.

  • Where can I buy Nightwish t-shirts and merchandising?
    Apart from the merchandising stand at a concert, it is difficult to find Nightwish t-shirts and merchandizing anywhere else than on the internet. You can go to these online shops: Nightwish France boutique, Nuclear Blast Shop, EMP.

  • How can I contact the band?
    There is no direct way to contact the band. However, you can often ask them questions through the official Nightmail.

  • How can I get an autograph from the band?
    The band does not have the time to send autographs through the mail. Yet, during the tour, some autograph sessions are often organized.

  • This piece of music was written by Tuomas for the Finnish Baseball team. You can hear this short track on our mp3 page.

  • I have (seen) a CD that is not listed on your discography, how come?
    All the pages of our section “discography” give you the list of all the official CDs released by Nightwish. If you have found a best of or a live CD that you cannot see in our discography, it means that this CD certainly is a bootleg (= illegal record or best of).