End Of Innocence

End Of Innocence

Format : 16/9 PAL
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1& 2.0
Region: All
Length: approximately 200 minutes
Disc Format: DVD-9
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END OF INNOCENCE is Nightwish’s second DVD, released after the live DVD “From Wishes To Eternity" taken from the Wishmaster tour 2000. This time, this is not a live DVD or at least not only that! While extracts from the Century Child World Tour can be found on the DVD (the concerts took place in Oslo on July 4th 2003 and in Germany, for the Summer Breeze 2002), the DVD especially revolves around a huge documentary that lasts more than two hours. This documentary goes back on the band’s history and is a central element on this DVD. Also filled with videos and new pictures, this DVD has to be in every fan’s collection!

Release date: October 3rd 2003 in Finland
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen, except:
Slaying The Dreamer : Tuomas/Tuomas-Emppu
Over The Hills And Far Away : Gary Moore
Wild Child : Blackie Lawless

Content of the DVD:
Documentary "End Of Innocence"

This is a more than 2 hour documentary on the band’s history told by Tuomas, Jukka and Wilska (in Finnish, with English subtitles)
- Over The Hills And Far Away
- End Of All Hope
Summer Breeze Live
- End Of All Hope
- Dead To The World
- 10th Man Down
- Slaying The Dreamer
- Over The Hills And Far Away
- Sleeping Sun
Oslo 2003 Live
- Sleeping Sun
- Wild Child
- Beauty And The Beast
- She Is My Sin
- Slaying The Dreamer
MTV Brazil Interview
- Gallery
In a maze form, with a surprise to discover !




DOCUMENTARY "End of Innocence”:
This documentary is the main feature of the DVD. It lasts around 2 hours and offers the fans a huge amount of pictures and backstage/private videos from the members of Nightwish’s lives. The documentary shows an interview with Tuomas (and also Jukka and Wilska), made on a small island near Kitee, in the center of Finland, where Tuomas used to spend his holiday with his family when he was young, and where he now regularly goes back to recharge his batteries. Also on this DVD: backstage shootings from all the tours (mainly the Century Child Tour in 2002), the recordings of Century Child, a discussion about Sami’s departure, about the members’ meeting, about ups and downs (like in Fall 2001, when Tuomas decided to split Nightwish…) and a lot of surprises.

The DVD offers a new video, the one for End of All Hope, a song from Century Child. This video shows extracts from a live performance in Tuska in July 2002 and extracts from a Finnish horror movie which deals with vampires. Since the visual quality of the video is quite poor, the director multiplied visual effects but, as a whole, it remains quite repetitive and disappointing, especially since most of the people were expecting a video made in a studio. Too bad!

As a bonus, Nightwish offers us a few songs from the Summer Breeze Festival that took place in 2002. We can see End Of All Hope, Dead To The World (the Marco-Tarja duet stands stronger than ever before), 10th Man Down (Marco sings the male parts instead of Wiska), Slaying The Dreamer (THE song from this live show – to see Tarja and the rest of the band headbang together is impressive and brilliant), Over The Hills And Far Away and, at last, Sleeping Sun, Nightwish’s ballad par excellence. Yet, it is a pity that the audience does not show the enthusiasm that could be felt on this world tour!

OSLO, 4TH JULY, 2003:
In order to add to the Summer Breeze that might have seemed a little plain from the audience’s stand point, Nightwish offers an additional gift in this DVD – a few extracts from one of their show played in summer 2003. The sound and image quality are close from that of a bootleg, but the atmosphere in the crowd, Tarja and the guys’ presence, and the fury in songs such as Slaying the Dreamer (once again) makes this live performance a unique moment of the DVD.

Among the bonus on that DVD, there is an incredible photo gallery (most of them are new). The photos are shown through a maze in which it will be hard to find your way and see all the pictures! Persevere and try to find the picture of Tuomas naked (see below), because apart from this pleasure for the eyes of the ladies, a beautiful audio surprise is hidden as the last bonus on the DVD!

One last bonus is offered on the DVD, but it does not show a big interest to be honest. This bonus is a very short interview with the band – without Tarja – made for MTV in Brazil. Only Tuomas and Marco speak and we learn nothing new from them unfortunately! Too bad!

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More infos !

End of Innocence history:
After the very successful Century Child World Tour, Nightwish offered its fans a new DVD with original contents. In every interview, Tuomas insisted: “This is not a “From Wishes to Eternity 2!”. As a matter of fact, Tuomas and the band decided to shoot a documentary to look back on the band’s history, from the beginning (the recordings of the three demos that were used as a bonus track on Century Child limited edition) to the climax with the tour in 2002, as well as the moments of doubt that the band met (after the Wishmaster tour). In short, a great documentary (more than 2 hours of footage) that took a very long time to direct. Therefore, this DVD came out 5 months after its initial release date which was the end of May 2003!

The DVD’s limited edition:
The DVD was released by Spinefarm Records (Finland) in two versions: the regular one which content is detailed above, and a limited edition that offered, along with the regular content, an 8-track audio CD with live songs from the Summer Breeze 2002 (with The Kinslayer and Come Cover Me that are not on the DVD). A nice gift for the fans! (More than 40 minutes of music)

Drakkar Records’ limited edition :
Drakkar Records, Nightwish’s German record company, get noticed by releasing its own version of the DVD. There is no big difference with Spinefarm’s version but it is worth mentioning them:
- A different cover with pictures from Century Child promotion (in a word: nothing new but, a nice cover all the same!)
- A digipack limited edition
- A poster with the band
- A card signed by the band!


  • Finland 2003 - Spinefarm - SPI182DVD - DVD - PAL - photo1
  • Finland 2003 - Spinefarm - SPI182SP - DVD - PAL limited edition with a live CD - photo1
  • Europe 2003 - Drakkar - 82876 560779 - DVD - PAL - photo1
  • Europe 2003 - Drakkar - 82876 571779 - DVD - PAL limited edition with a live CD, a mini poster and a postal card
  • Argentina 2003 - NEMS Enterprises - NEMS DVD3 - NTSC - photo1
  • USA 2004 - Century Media - 8196-9 - DVD - PAL -photo1
  • World 2003 - Universal Music - 038273-9 - DVD - PAL
  • World 2003 - Unversal Music - 981135-8 - DVD - NTSC
  • Abbreviations key:
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33 – 1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio – audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
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    VD : Video-disc