From Wishes To Eternity

From Wishes To Eternity

Format : 16/9 PAL
Sound : Dolby Digital 5.1
Region : All
Length : approximately 150 minutes
Disc Format : DVD-5
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FROM WISHES TO ETERNITY... This is Nightwish’s first DVD. This is obviously one of the band’s entire concerts, shot while they were on their Wishmaster tour in 2000. The show took place in Tampere, in Finland, their home country, on December 29th 2000 (not on February 29th 2000 as it was written on some editions of the DVD). This DVD offers a very good best of Nightwish’s world with their first three albums – however, Wishmaster is the main album here (which is obvious since the concert is taken from the Wishmaster tour).

Release date: July 16th 2001
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen, except:
Come Cover Me : Tuomas/Tuomas-Emppu
Sacrament Of Wilderness : Tuomas/Tuomas-Emppu
Crimson Tide : Dyke & Zimmer
Deep Blue Sea : Trevor Rabin
Walking In The Air : Howard Blake

An entire concert by Nightwish:
01. The Kinslayer
02. She Is my Sin
03. Deep Silent Complete
04. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
05. Come Cover Me
06. Wanderlust
07. Instrumental (Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea)
08. Swanheart
09. Elvenpath
10. FantasMic part 3
11. Dead Boy's Poem
12. Sacrament Of Wilderness
13. Walking In The Air
14. Beauty And The Beast
15. Wishmaster

Interviews with Tarja and Tuomas
Two videos: The Carpenter & Sleeping Sun
Two live videos: Walking In The Air & The Kinslayer
Picture gallery: 50 pictures
Bonus video: backstage from the Wishmaster tour



The Kinslayer:
The DVD begins with The Kinslayer, a song taken from Wishmaster. The tone is set, the band is striking from the first track on. We can note that the show actually started with She is my Sin but the order was changed for the DVD.

She Is My Sin:
The actual first song of the show, still taken from Wishmaster. Pyrotechnics effects were used on this song and it gives a huge boost to the atmosphere in the venue. Tarja has never been in a better shape too.

Deep Silent Complete:
Here is another extract from their third album Wishmaster. Deep Silent Complete deals with the theme of the ocean and sirens. Thus, the chorus is just a vocal line without lyrics during where Tarja asks the audience to sing the call to the sea with her.

The Pharaoh Sails To Orion:
One of Oceanborn’s cult songs, here with Wilska on stage (he is also singing on the album version). This performance is probably one of the concert’s biggest moments thanks to that song that is one of Nightwish’s inevitable tracks.

Come Cover Me:
First semi-ballad of the show, Come Cover Me is also an extract from Wishmaster. This song, always brilliantly lead by Tarja, alternates calm moments with joyful riffs and gives the audience a good chance to take part in the show.

Another extract from Wishmaster which imposes itself in this show (and it is logical since the tour follows its release). Wanderlust is one of Tuomas’ most joyful songs.

Instrumental (Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea):
This is now the middle of the show, so the time has come for Tarja to slip away and rest her voice. During that time, the rest of the band plays a mix of two songs that are taken from movie soundtracks.

Tarja appears on stage again to sing one of the ballads from Oceanborn, in a shorter version than the original one, unfortunately. The beauty of the song remains, still, and gives the show a big emotional moment.

Back to the early days with the very first song from the band’s first album (Angels Fall First). The song gained a huge power in this live performance, and the atmosphere has gone crazy on stage!

FantasMic part 3:
Directly linked with the end of Elvenpath, the third part of this Wishmaster’s cult song is amazing. With no slack period and great power, FantasMic, written in as a tribute to the world of Disney, is one of this show’s climaxes.

Dead Boy's Poem:
"It's Time to calm down" Tarja announces. The calm then comes back in the venue with this Wishmaster’s great ballad. The end of the song, which is very symphonic, brings a great emotion on the stage as well as in the audience.

Sacrament of Wilderness:
Tarja announces the so-called last song of the show. This is the single from Oceanborn. This song is a classic and remains entertaining. At the end, confetti burst to symbolize the end of the show.

Walking In The Air:
Obviously, the band comes back for encores and start with the closing track on Oceanborn. The last part of the song is played in a quicker beat than the album version and this is a success!

Beauty and the Beast:
This is THE cult song from their first album, Angels Fall First, that could not have been forgotten. Nightwish makes us live the tragedy of Beauty and the Beast with a special guest: Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica.

Last song of the show, Wishmaster is another cult song. The track is played in a crazy pace, pyro effects are all around, and the band closes its concert in shared euphoria, applauded by an appreciative audience.


Interview with Tarja :
This is an interview made backstage in the Tampere venue, a few minutes before the show.

Interview with Tuomas :
This is an interview with the writer/composer of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen.

Off Stage Footage:
The deleted scenes from the Wishmaster tour, with… interesting moments! (For instance, an excellent impersonation of Nightwish by Synergy)

The video of Sleeping Sun:
The video of Nightwish’s famous ballad.

The video of The Carpenter:
The video of Nightwish’s very first single.

The Kinslayer - live in Buenos Aires:
An extract from a live show in Argentina where the atmosphere during concerts is always highly charged.

Walking In The Air - live in Montreal:
Another extract from another concert on the other side of the Atlantic. Close to a bootleg quality, this video of Walking in the Air – a single from Oceanborn – is very enjoyable.

You can find many photos in this gallery. Some are promo pictures, some are live pictures, and others are on various matters!

To conclude, the band offers in this first DVD an exhaustive discography that goes back on its adventure. It is a good way to see the famous first edition of Angel Fall First that was a 500 copie release and cannot be found anymore now.














More infos !

From Wishes To Eternity history:
Nightwish gained their headline status thanks to the tour linked with Wishmaster, the band’s third album. Needless to say that the band took the most of this opportunity! Every show lasted one hour and a half, which gave the band time to play extracts from Angels Fall First (mainly Elvenpath and Beauty And The Beast), Oceanborn (among which the inevitable The Pharaoh Sails To Orion) but most of all from Wishmaster, the band’s latest album at the time. To sing for one hour and a half was quite a difficult thing to do for Tarja whose voice needed a lot of care, so Nightwish found a solution: they would play an instrumental song in the middle of the show so that Tarja could rest her voice for five short minutes. Since Tuomas is a big fan of movie soundtracks, they chose Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea (better known as “Peur Bleue” in France).

From Wishes To Eternity - LIVE: the CD:
Since Nightwish had a great success in Finland (every new album went number 1 of the Finnish charts), the band could allow themselves to release a live CD, a live DVD and a new EP (Over the Hills and Far Away) at the same time in their country. That is why this CD is only available in Finland (but you can purchase it on the official website: ). It offers the whole show in an audio version. France, as well as other countries, had to content itself with some extracts from this album that were used as bonus tracks for the CD “Over the Hills and Far Away" (sold at the time as a “mini album” rather than as a single). This CD then quickly became a collector item! Short anecdote: this CD has another particular feature: its booklet is written in Finnish!

The several versions of this DVD:
As for every CD or DVD release, several versions were made (especially with Drakkar Records which is always very productive!). Yet, this time, there were no real difference with this first DVD. Apart from a different cover in some countries, the content remains the same on every version.

The Gethsemane mystery:
During the whole tour, Gethsemane, the song from Oceanborn (the band’s second album) was played several times. This song was also played on December 29th 2000, in Tampere (Finland), the day the show was shot! So why did it not appear on the DVD? The reason is that the song is technically complex and the live performance did not seem satisfying enough for the band who chose not to add it to the DVD. Also, the order of the songs was changed on the DVD. Indeed, the first song of the show was She is my Sin followed by The Kinslayer while, on the DVD, the latter is the first track!

Gold Records presentation:
Disques d'orAs a conclusion to the wonderful concert that Nightwish gave that night, their manager, Ewo, as well as Spinefarm Records, had prepared a surprise : after the end of Wishmaster, while Sleeping Sun was being played as a background music and the band was bowing at the crowd for the last time, they had the surprise to be offered Gold Records for their single Deep Silent Complete and for their album Wishmaster! A few years later, the band received other Gold Records for the SACD version of this live show that was released by Drakkar Records in 2004.

Tarja et Tuomas


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