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NIGHTWISH-WORLD & NIGHTWISH.FR ( are the websites of the official francophone fan-club of Nightwish.
 Nightwish-France is a non-profit-making organization (law 1901).
This web site has been created in order to get people to know Nightwish in France, to promote the band and to fulfill every fan’s passion.
The website is not, in any way, a profit-making site. Its whole content is available to all.



Textes :

All the texts written in French on the web site belong to their authors and cannot be used without permission. © 2004-2008 Nightwish-France.

All the texts on this web site were written by Nicolas – when no specific note claims otherwise as such:

The page “La Finlande” was written by Bertrand. Its content belongs to Nightwish-France.
The biography has been written by Guillaume (1669-2007) and Nicolas (2007-2011). Its content belongs to Nightwish-France.

The official lyrics of Nightwish songs are under copyrights:
© 1997-2008 Spinefarm Records

The whole translation of the website has been done by Elise. Thanks to Marie and Sébastien for the proofreading !


Images and pictures :

All the pictures of Nightwish on the web site belong to their authors. The promo pictures and the pictures from the gallery are the band’s official pictures used to promote Nightwish. Live pictures from the gallery were taken by the Nightwish-France Staff.

The artworks (Introduction page, Nightwish-France logo, web site header and various montages) along with the captures from the official videos of Nightwish were created by Nicolas and belong to Nightwish-France. They cannot be used without permission.


MP3 samples :

The MP3 samples on the web site are the official samples offered by Nightwish and were taken from the official web site of the band.

Website design :

The whole web site design, the artwork and the style sheets belong to their author (Nicolas) and Nightwish-France, and cannot be used without permission.

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