Tales From The Elvenpath

This is the first best-of for Nightwish; released by Drakkar Records, the band’s German record company from Oceanborn to Century Child. This is why the tracklist only offers songs from that period. Note: the last four tracks on this CD are “rare tracks”.

Release date : October 18th 2004
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen except :
Sacrament Of Wilderness : Tuomas / Tuomas-Emppu
Walking In The Air : Howard Blake
Over The Hills And Far Away : Gary Moore
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01. Wishmaster
02. Sacrament Of Wilderness
03. End Of All Hope
04. Bless The Child
05. Sleeping Sun
06. She Is My Sin
07. Walking In The Air
08. Stargazers
09. Over The Hills And Far Away
10. The Kinslayer
11. Dead Boy's Poem
12. Sleepwalker
13. Nightquest
14. Lagoon
15. Wayfarer



CDFor this first best-of, Drakkar Records offers a nice object: a cover specifically designed for the CD, 15 tracks (among which 4 are rather rare), a booklet that gives an historic vision of the band’s different periods. Simple but nice and thoughtful.



More infos !

Gold record:
Many copies of the best-of were sold in Germany and it was made gold record in the country. Drakkar Records organized a small party to which Nightwish was invited. While attending the party, they were given gold records that added to their growing collection!


  • Europe 2004 - Drakkar - 82876 65478 2 - CD -limited edition in a cardboard sleeve - photo1 - photo2
  • Europe 2004 - Drakkar - 82876 65478 2 - CD
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