12/06/2010 : Amaranth's prime-time in USA !
A message by C. from the US Nightwish Fan club :) :

The "Amaranth" video will debut on prime time television in an episode dedicated to "Rocker Girls" (the name of the episode). Another difference besides the much better time slot is that this version of the show is only half an hour and centers on videos with a common theme, so not only does the video get played, but the host of the show will make some mention of the band and their music in some capacity. Obviously Nightwish has never had this sort of media exposure in the U.S. before.

So for all of you fans who want to tune in, it will be on the cable/satellite network Reelz Channel, on Monday, June 14th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. You can go to the OSA site to get more details and to access the Reelz site to see airtime listings so that you will not miss the show in your area.

For more information:
Oceansouls of America
Reelz Channel
Related topic on our forum

19/04/2010 : Tuomas wrote a song for Johanna Kurkela !
Tuomas composed a song for Johanna Kurkela’s new album. This Finnish singer is also known for her presence on Sonata Arctica’s latest album.

The song that Tuomas wrote is entitled Satojen Merien and can be heard here!

Thanks to Matti for the info ;)

06/03/2010 : News about Anette!
Anette gave a noticeable piece of information on her blog:

She gave up the project to release a solo album during Nightwish’s break because she’d rather spend the free time with her family and close friends. And there is a good reason for that: she’s expecting a second child! She claimed that it would have no consequences on the work plans that the band had, and that it would not delay their return to the studios next fall. Besides, she claimed that the tour following the release of the 7th album would not be disturbed by her baby.

We wish Anette a wonderful pregnancy!

23/02/2010 : Nightmail is back !
Nightmail is back on nightwish.com ! Here is the message they've posted :

It has been long since the last round of Nightmail, so we have decided to finally break the silence. Since everything in the Nightwish camp is rather quiet at the moment, we will do things a bit different this year:
Instead of individual rounds of questions, you can ask questions to any member of the band, their crew or the management. The first Nightmail will be next month, more rounds to follow throughout the year. As always, the answers to your questions will be posted on the website in the following month.

24/12/2009 : Hyvää Joulua !
Nightwish France / Nightwish World team wishes to all of you a merry X-mas !

In other news, Michael Nyman finally gave his permission to Nightwish for the release of their cover "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" ! The song has been recorded during the "Dark Passion Play" sessions, but never released because Nyman didn't like it. He finally changed his mind =)

But for now, we don't have any clue about the way the song will be released. In a new single ? A new EP ? In the next album ? Time will tell !
13/12/2009 : New tee-shirt !
Season Of Mist have designed an exclusive "The Islander" t-shirt which is available only in France and through their own e-shop.

You can check it out by clicking here !

21/10/2009 : Nightwish to record a new song in Finnish!

Nightwish is showing respect for Finnish singer/songwriter veteran Jaakko Teppo by recording his song “Hilma ja Onni” in Finnish. Jaakko Teppo is well known in Finland for his humorous protest songs associated with the labor movement. 15 years ago a serious illness forced Jaakko Teppo to withdraw from the stages. Today many of the brightest stars in Finland are honoring Jaakko Teppo’s legacy for Finnish music culture by recording his songs on tribute album "Pörsänmäen Sanomat". Nightwish's rendition of “Hilma ja Onni” is available on iTunes & CDON.COM and the album "Pörsänmäen Sanomat – Tribuutti Jaakko Tepolle" can be ordered through www.fanzone.fi/jaakkoteppo.

The profit of the sales is directed to Jaakko Teppo. Thank you for your support!

(source : nightwish.com)

09/10/2009 : New Nightwish box
Spinefarm Records wil release on November 8th a 8-CD box entitled "Lokikirja". This box will contain the 6 albums and the EP "Over The Hills..."and "Bless The Child".

The box is already in pre-order on Nightwish-Shop, for 40,99 euros !


28/09/2009 : Photos from the last show !
You can find some photos by Grégory Tran from the last show of Nightwish in our gallery : click here !
27/09/2009 : "Meadows Of Heaven" cover
Gregorian, a band using gregorian choirs to cover some famous songs, has covered "Meadows of Heaven" on their new release "Masters Of Chant Chapter VII".

The full song is available on iTunes for 0,99 euro!

25/09/2009 : The tour has ended
Nightwish ended their tour last Saturday in Helsinki’s Hartwall Areena. They played 194 concerts since September 2007 which is their record!

The band pulled together a magic and unique show thanks to several surprises: “Meadows of Heaven” and “Walking in the Air” were added to the set-list, Troy Donockley played with the band on the intro (“Finlandia”), “The Islander”, “Walking In The Air”, “Last Of The Wilds” and “Meadows Of Heaven”. Besides, the violinist Pekka Kuusisto played onstage on “The Siren” and “While Your Lips Are Still Red”.
As far as visual effects are concerned, pyrotechnics were used all through the show with fireworks (in particular one fire effect that surrounded the whole arena during the finale). There was also fake snow on “Walking In The Air”, confetti on “Ghost Love Score”, a water curtain on “Meadows Of Heaven” and red streamers on “The Poet And The Pendulum”.

Last but not least, the show ended with the broadcast of the cover song “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” (from the movie “The Piano”) which the band had recorded during the “Dark Passion Play” sessions but could not release since the original composer refused to let them.

Here is the whole set-lit:

  01. Finlandia (outro) with Troy Donockley
  02. 7 Days To The Wolves  
  03. Ever Dream  
  04. Wishmaster  
  05. Romanticide  
  06. Amaranth  
  07. The Siren with Pekka Kuusisto
  08. While Your Lips Are Still Red with Pekka Kuusisto
  09. The Poet And The Pendulum  
  10. Nemo  
  11. Sahara  
  12. Dark Chest Of Wonders  
  13. The Islander with Troy Donockley
  14. Walking In The Air with Troy Donockley
  15. Last Of The Wilds with Troy Donockley
  16. Meadows Of Heaven with Troy Donockley
  17. Ghost Love Score  
  18. Wish I Had An Angel  
  19. The Heart Asks Pleasure First (Outro)  

You can browse YouTube and find several extracts from the show!

What now? Well the band is taking well-deserved holidays and will join again in 2010 to start the rehearsals for the next album which is scheduled to be released in 2011… Until then, there are no CD/EP/live release planned but changes can still come up in order to help the fans wait!

20/08/2009 : Interruption of our services
We would like to apologize in advance for the complete interruption of Nightwish France / Nightwish World services which will take place on Friday, August 21st from 8AM to 8PM. We will be carrying out an upgrade to a more recent and powerful server.

See you on Friday evening!

11/08/2009 : Official English Forum
The official Nightwish forums (from nightwish.com) will undergo major restructuring at the end of August. As a result, the official english forum will be hosted by our website Nightwish World, the international website of the french Nightwish fanclub.

The planned due date for the switch-over is August 29th :)

It will be a full, independant, English forum, without any link with the French forum. It will only be linked with Nightwish-World.com, the English translation of Nightwish.fr website.

The forum will be free, open to everybody, and will contain all the sections and good stuff from the actual board.

We're working our best to please everybody with this new forum, and we're setting up a new powerful server to welcome everyone !

14/07/2009 : Little news
Some little news :

- HD videos from Nightwish show at the Masters Of Rocks can be watched by clicking here !

- Britney Spears uses "FantasMic" during the intro of her shows : check it out !

Don't forget to follow our Twitter account to be warned of any news immediately, but also to discover or rediscover videos of Nightwish, interesting links, etc...

11/06/2009 : First news about the new album
The first news about the new album are coming :
New album
- In an interview, Tuomas said he already wrote 3 songs for the new album, including a 3min30 instrumental interlude.

- Still during this interview, Tuomas also said the new album will be his way to realise his biggest dream since he started playing music :

"First of all when it comes to music and Nightwish I have a huge dream and we are doing everything we can to fulfill it on the next album. I am going to be a bit mystical here because I can't reveal to you anymore but there is going to be a big twist so to say, on the next album. I just hope we can realize that because it is going to be the all time dream come true if we can pull it off. It is going to take alot of time, effort, work, and money. We will see what happens, I am really looking forward to it."

The new album will be released at the end of 2010.

other news :
- you can watch a full Nightwish show, in Exit Festival 2008, by clicking here !
- The new Nightwish 2010 calendar, made from Denis Goria's photos, is on pre-sale on the Nightwish-Shop.

At last, you can follow the twitter account of the webmaster to be aware of the last updates and news about Nightwish !

21/05/2009 : Anette's official website and blog
Anette has just launched her official website and her own blog !

03/05/2009 : some news
- End Of An Era - BluRay will be out on May 29th. According to the Nightwish Shop, it will also contain the videos of "Dark Passion Play" as a bonus.

- According to the US Fan Club, John Two-Hawks will be making a guest appearance at two Nightwish shows during this leg of the U.S. tour. He will be appearing with the band at the Louisvile, KY and the Sauget, IL shows :)