Dark Passion Play
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DARK PASSION PLAY is Nightwish’s sixth album and their first album with Anette, the band’s new singer. In spite of Tarja’s dismissal, “Dark Passion Play” is the natural continuity of “ONCE”. This sixth album is even heavier; the orchestra is even more present. It had an immediate success all through Europe, even in France where it reached number 6 in the album charts within a week after its release (which is a record for a country like France which has no special attachment to metal).

Release date: September 28th 2007 (October 1st in France)
Number of copies sold : four times platinum album in Finland, gold record and platinum record in many European countries, in the top ten in 12 countries, etc…
Best French rank: it reached number 6 in the album charts.
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen except:
Whoever Brings The Night: music by Emppu
The Islander: music by Marco
7 Days To The Wolves: music by Tuomas and Marco
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01. The Poet And The Pendulum
02. Bye Bye Beautiful
03. Amaranth
04. Cadence Of Her Last Breath
05. Master Passion Greed
06. Eva
07. Sahara
08. Whoever Brings The Night
09. For The Heart I Once Had
10. The Islander
11. Last Of The Wilds
12. 7 Days To The Wolves
13. Meadows Of Heaven


First single from the album, Eva is the first song with Anette, Nightwish’s new singer. The ballad is also Nightwish’s first single to be sold online and which profits were offered to an organization. Have a look at our special page about Eva (in French only).

Amaranth is the second single from « Dark Passion Play » but the actual « first single » from the album. It was released on August 24th 2007 and, as usual, Nuclear Blast released many versions for collectors. You can have more info on this page or on our special page (in French only).

This single was only released in Finland. This is a version of “Last of the Wilds” with vocals sang by Jonsu from Indica. There was no video shot, it came out in one form only (a 2 tracks CD), and it was only released by Spinefarm Records in December 2007. More information on the page we made about this single!

This is  the second single to be released by Nuclear Blast to promote « Dark Passion Play » in musical shops, but this is already the 4th extract from the album if one consider “Eva”’s promo and the release of “Erämaan Viimeinen”. "Bye Bye Beautiful" is the obvious single. It is considered as one of the big hits on the album. More information on this page !






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"Dark Passion Play" history :
DPPIt may be the first time that an album from Nightwish is so heavily expected. Until ONCE, the releases of the albums were released every two years without surprise. “Dark Passion Play” is the first one to break that rule for reasons that we all know about: Tarja’s dismissal and the search for her substitute. This context is difficult for Nightwish, the most difficult in its career because fans did not wait to part into two separate clans: pro-Nightwish who remained faithful to Tuomas and understood his point of view, versus pro-Tarja whose passion for the band was only based on the Finnish Beauty’s voice. This was a big issue then, but the band’s credibility was also at sake and they could not offer an album that was not as good as “Once”. Indeed, this album that was released in 2004 was censed by the media and it is the band’s biggest success by far (the massive production by Nuclear Blast, their record company since “Once”, is obviously part of it). How could they release a better album than “Once” without being a copy from it, and also having a new singer with no lyrical voice (even if Tarja had given up this genre herself since “Once”)? This was a big challenge for the band! However, Tuomas did not worry. He said that he was not looking for wealth or success or a million copies sold ; and that it would not be a problem for him if the next album did not make as good as the previous one as long as he had the possibility to keep on making albums and playing shows. A very “Nightwish” philosophy which is one reason for the split in 2005. His ultimate goal is to make music.

The album's making of :
TuomasBecause of the circumstances, the making of this album was quite special. First, in summer 2006, the band met with some friends in a cottage in Finland to rehearse the future songs for the first time. Since the band did not already have a new singer, Marco sang on the demo version of the album. At the same time, the band listened carefully to the demos that were sent by potential new singers, eventually choosing a handful of them. The band met these lucky ones and tested them by giving them an instrumental version of “Once” and asking them to sing a few extracts from the next album. Among them, Anette, the one who would officially become Nightwish’s new singer in May 2007. For this album, Tuomas chose Pip Williams again as well as the London philharmonic orchestra and also afford to record the album in the famous Abbey Road studios. Lastly, while the band remained silent about their new singer until the end, they wrote a lot of reports on the recordings of the album and made videos on their video blog.

New album, new tour :
NightwishTarja’s departure led the band to make the biggest tour they have ever made in their career: as a matter of fact, the tour was planned to last for two years and a half. As Ewo (the band’s manager) told us on the 8th issue of our Fan Club fanzine, the band wishes to do more shows everywhere (in France also, where 3 or 4 shows are planned for the beginning of 2008) in order, of course, to present the new songs, but also and most of all to present Anette, the new singer. Nightwish chose to start their tour in the USA (apart from a “training” show in Tel Aviv just before) for two main reasons: make up for the cancellation of the last tour in North America, and allow Anette to get used to the stage and feel good there in smaller venues than arenas and big European venues. This is also the reason why the band decided to release “Dark Passion Play” in September only: in order to get ready and not to start their tour with Festival in summer 2007.


  • Finland 2007 - Spinefarm - 2CD - digipack - – contains a second CD with the instrumental version of the album - photo1
  • Finland 2007 - Spinefarm - 2CD - special edition -contains the 2CD version above + a special tee shirt- photo1
  • Finland 2007 - Spinefarm - 2CD - special edition -contains the 2CD version above + a special girly - photo1
  • Finland 2007 - Spinefarm - CD - regular edition - photo1
  • Finland 2008 - Spinefarm - 2CD - Platinium Edition - contains a bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks
  • Finland 2008 - Spinefarm - DVDAUDIO - contains the whole album in Surround 5.1 and stereo
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - CD Promo -with a voice over the songs - photo1 - photo2 - photo3
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - 2CD - digipack - – contains a second CD with the instrumental version of the album - photo1
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - CD - regular edition - photo1
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - 2LP Picture Disc - photo1
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - 2LP regular vinyl discs - photo1
  • Europe 2007 - Nuclear Blast - BOX COLLECTOR - 3 CDs as an "Award" format - photo1
  • Europe 2008 - Nuclear Blast -CD/DVD -the "Tour Edition" which contains the album and DVDS of "Bye Bye Beautiful"- photo1

  • USA 2007 - Road Runner - CD - regular edition - photo1
  • USA 2007 - Road Runner - 2CDS - limited edition- the 2nd CD is an instrumental version- photo1
  • USA 2007 - Road Runner - 2CDS - limited edition -same as above but with a signed cover - photo1
  • Japan 2007 - Spinefarm/Universal - CD - regular edition -contains the bonus track "Escapist" - photo1
  • Japan 2007 - Spinefarm/Universal - 2CDS - limited edition -contains "Escapist" and the instrumental version of the album - photo1
  • Thailand 2007 - Spinefarm/Universal - CD - regular edition
  • Thailand 2007 - Spinefarm/Universal - CD Promo - same but with a « promo » sign on the CD.

Abbreviations key:
CD : compact disc
LP : vinyl record (33 – 1/3 rpm)
7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
MC : Cassette audio – audio tape
2CD : Double CD
MCD : Maxi-CD
CDS : CD Single
mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
VD : Video-disc