Once Summary

ONCE is Nightwish’s fifth album. The album shows a revival in the career of the band: first, thanks to the presence of The Philharmonic Orchestra of London (known for its performance on the score of The Lord of the Ring trilogy), but also thanks to the risks taken by Nightwish all through the album. Every track is hugely full of personality and originality, combined with the essence Nightwish always had, which lead Once to the top of the band’s career.

Release date: June 7th 2004
Number of copies sold : three times platinum record in Finland, platinum record in Germany, gold record in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden.
Best French rank : 9th rank in the top album as soon as it came out.
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen except :
Higher Than Hope : music by Tuomas and Marco
Romanticide : music by Tuomas and Marco
The Siren : music by Tuomas and Emppu
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01. Dark Chest Of Wonders
02. Wish I Had An Angel
03. Nemo
04. Planet Hell
05. Creek Mary's Blood
06. The Siren
07. Dead Gardens
08. Romanticide
09. Ghost Love Score
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
11. Higher Than Hope


NemoNEMO (05/2004)
First single from the album, Nemo was put on the radio a few weeks before the release of the album, in May 2004. It is the first single of the “Nuclear Blast” era and the record company worked very hard for the promotion. They released a great amount of different versions, enough to drive crazy the to-die-fans.

Wish I Had An AngelWISH I HAD AN ANGEL (09/2004)
Wish I Had an Angel, the second single from Once, was released  on September 2004 while Once was still doing really good in Europe (it even reached the first rank in the European Billboard). Wish I Had An Angel is now a major song in the band’s career. It was also used as the last song for their concerts in 2004-2005.

Spinefarm Records decided to release a third single for Finland only. They naturally chose this ballad since, for the first time since “Lappi”, Nightwish offers a track in Finnish, their mother tongue. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan is a simple ballad sang by Tarja and played by the orchestra.

The SirenTHE SIREN (07/2005)
This is the fourth and last single from the album (a record !). The Siren is a rather peculiar song and has a different structure compared with the other singles. A video was posted on Nuclear Blast web site then quickly taken out because of its very poor quality. The single offers an edit version and live tracks.





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Once history:
Tuomas & PipOn Century Child, Marco Hietala replaced Sami on the bass and also sang the masculine vocal parts. Besides, Joennsu (near Kitee, in Finland) Orchestra took part in the album. With Once, Nightwish went definitely further on. Marco was still as present as on Century Child and the orchestral parts took a scope never seen before in the industry of metal music with the presence of the London philharmonic orchestra, famous for its performance on the score of The Lord of the Rings. Lead by Pip Williams (see opposite picture with Tuomas), the orchestra brought a huge inspiration of novelty to Nightwish’s compositions, supported with original melodies and many experiences throughout the album, between the beats of Wish I Had An Angel, Tarja’s vocals lead to all directions (The Siren, White Night Fantasy…) and the presence of the Native American John Two-Hawks on Creek Mary’s Blood too… This album marked a very important step in the career of Nightwish: a great diversity and an imposing orchestra which accentuated every song!

The making of Once:
tarjaFor the first time, Nightwish offered its fans the pleasure to follow the making of the album, from the first rehearsing to the final mix, going through all the steps of the recording. Through the studio-reports written by the members and Tero (sound engineer and producer), we were able to imagine Nightwish work hard for this new album, see the problems they met and the happiness of Tuomas at the first hearing of the London Orchestra. You can see through this page, all the studio reports, translated in French, with many photos!

Once Upon A Tour :
LiveThe release of the new album of Nightwish was, as the previous were, followed by a great tour all across the world. Quite easily called “Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005”, the tour started on May 22nd in Kitee for a special show, with a degree of special effects and pyrotechnic never reached by the band before! The following week-end, Nightwish went to Estonia, and Dynamo Open Air… That time, the tour was very successful! Nightwish played old songs that had been put aside for a long time like Stargazers, Elvenpath and Dead Boy’s Poem, and, of course, songs from their new album Once: for instance, Dark Chest of Wonders which opened the show, Higher Than Hope, Nemo, Planet Hell and its great introduction, and Wish I Had an Angel which ended the show. Eventually, the unassailable songs like Come Cover Me, Wishmaster (surprisingly played right after Dark Chest of Wonders), Over the Hills and Far Away and Sleeping Sun are still performed!

From Drakkar to Nuclear Blast:
Nuclear BlastWith Century Child, the contract between the band and the German record company Drakkar came to an end. Nightwish decided to entrust the distribution and management of their new album to Nuclear Blast, very famous and important record company. From then on, Nuclear Blast dealt with Nightwish everywhere in Europe, except Finland where Spinfarm Records was still working for the band. Nuclear Blast took its job very seriously! The German record company started the promotion of Once from March 2004, announcing four different versions of Nemo, the first single of the album. Without mentioning the posters and t-shirts announced! Nuclear Blast also organised a mini promo tour in Europe for the members, in order to give as many interviews as possible before the release of the album. Thus, Tuomas and Marco came in Paris on April 22nd for a promo day of interviews: from 10am to 9pm! During this period, Nuclear Blast sent the first promo cds of the album so that journalists could anticipate their reviews and questions!
Nuclear Blast also prepared the commercial release of Once. Thanks to that record company, fans were able to see the comeback of Picture Discs with the one of Once now available on Nuclear Blast website, while the one of Century Child unfortunately never got produced! Other announcements: a limited cd, a dvd audio (for the first time in Nightwish’s career) and a box limited to 2000 copies which contained, among other things, a snow ball!. Also, many tee-shirts, posters, flags…Eventually, Nuclear Blast organised a showcase in Paris the very day of the release of the album! Never seen before !

  • Finland 2004 - Spinefarm - SPI200CD - CD -"Nightwish" written in silver on the box
  • Finland 2004 - Spinefarm - SPI200CD - CD -Platinum edition with a Bonus CD
  • Finland 2004 - Spinefarm - SPI200CD - promo CD - cardboard sleeve - photo1
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - NB 1291-2 - promo CD - cardboard sleeve
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - NB-1291-5 - Box - limited to 2000 copies, with a snow ball, a flag, a special booklet and a certificate - photo1
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD - limited edition, with a transparent blue cover.
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD - limited edition, gold cd
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD - digipack edition, platinium
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD - limited edition to 500 copies - with an autograph and a plectrum
  • Europe 2004 - Nuclear Blast - 7 27361 12911 8 - LP -Double LP among which one is a picture vinyl - photo1
  • USA 2004 - Roadrunner - RDRF 10113-2 - promo CD
  • USA 2004 - Roadrunner - 168 618 217-2 - CD
  • Argentina 2004 - NEMS Enterprises - NEMS335 - CD - photo1
  • Argentina 2004 - NEMS Enterprises - NEMS335 - CD - limited edition CD&DVD - photo1
  • Brazil 2004 - Universal - 60249818904 - AG3000 - CD
  • Japan 2004 - Universal - UICO-1067 - CD
  • Australia 2004 - Roadrunner - RR82162 - CD
  • Malaisia 2004 - Mojo Records - UICL1070-4 - MC
  • Russia 2004 - FONO Records - f0361CD - CD
  • Israel 2004 - Nuclear Blast & Raven Music - 7 27361 12912 5 - CD
  • China 2004 - Universal - HDCD-470 - CD - cardboard sleeve
  • South Korea - Universal - DR9014/987 114-5 - CD + CD 2 bonus tracks - cardboard sleeve, with a poster
  • France 2005 - Nuclear Blast - 27361 13900 - CD + CDS "Wish I Had An Angel" - cardboard sleeve, black and white cover
  • UK 2005 - Nuclear Blast - 27361 13900 - CD + CDS "Wish I Had An Angel"- cardboard sleeve, black and white cover
  • Europe 2005 - Nuclear Blast - 27361 12942 - DVD Audio - 5.1 - photo1
  • Europe 2005 - Nuclear Blast - 27361 12919 - CD + CDS digipack "Nemo" , cardboard sleeve
  • Europe 2005 - Nuclear Blast - 27361 162529 - CD Dual Disc
  • Finland 2005 - Potoska Publishing - THPROMO-1 - promo CD "Instrumental" - photo1 - photo2
  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio = audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
    CDS : CD Single
    mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
    VD : Video-disc