Century Child
Century Child Summary

CENTURY CHILD is Nightwish’s 4th album, which came after the tidal wave caused by Wishmaster. Composed while there were a lot of rumours about Tarja’s leaving, Century Child is defined by Tuomas as a very personal album, as the first track “Bless The Child” shows. This album also coincides with the arrival of Marco Hietala as the bass player, after the departure of Sami. Marco takes advantage of the situation to sing, for instance on Dead To the World, especially written by Tuomas as a Tarja-Marco duet.

Release date: May 31st 2002
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen except:
Long Lost Love : Tuomas / Marco
One More Night To Live : Tuomas / Tuomas - Emppu
Slaying The Dreamer : Tuomas / Tuomas - Emppu
The Phantom Of The Opera : A. Lloyd Weber / T.Rice
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01. Bless The Child
02. End Of All Hope
03. Dead To The World
04. Ever Dream
05. Slaying The Dreamer
06. Forever Yours
07. Oceansoul
08. Feel For You
09. The Phantom Of The Opera
10. Beauty Of The Beast



Ever Dream, the first single from the album Century Child, came out at the end of April 2002, shortly before the album. Unfortunately for the fans of this song, no video clip was shot for this single. This song certainly is one of the best on the album, it was also an excellent choice to have it as a first single!

Bless the Child, second single from Century Child, came out at the end of August 2002 all across Europe, in many editions. A beautiful video clip was made to promote the track although it was later judged by the band as being too complicated.

End Of All Hope is not exactly a single but a video clip was shot for the song. It is only available on the second DVD of the band “End of Innocence”. The video shows images of live performances and images from the movie “The Book of Fate” since the song, along with Slaying the Dreamer, can be heard on the official score of the movie.

End of Innocence is Nightwish’s second DVD, after “From Wishes to Eternity” which was a live DVD. This time, the content of the DVD is more eclectic.

Century Child




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Century Child history :
After a worldwide tour in 2000 and 2001 for the release of Wishmaster, which coincided with the release of a DVD and a new EP (Over the Hills and Far Away), Nightwish went back to the studio to record their fourth album. It was a period of turmoil for the band and of anguish for the fans. Sami, the bass player since Oceanborn, was nicely dismissed by the band who blamed him for not being motivated enough (concerts were a terrible proof of the truth of the accusation. Sami was always in the back, he almost never moved, never communicated with the audience…). The rumours about the future of the band were omnipresent. The one that tops the others was the one about Tarja leaving the band to go back working into classical music...

Marco Hietala's arrival :
MaaaarcooooThere was no way the band would have asked Emppu to play the bass on Century Child, just as he did on Angels Fall First. That’s why Marco Hietala, from the band Sinergy, joined the band. Tuomas announced his arrival himself, noting that Marco would play the bass on the following album (Century Child had still no name at that time) but also on the band’s following tour. But that was not it! As Marco had an incredible voice, he would sing the masculine vocal parts which were, until then, sung by Tuomas on the first album and by guests on the others, like Wilska or Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica.

The release of Century Child :
At the end of April 2002, an extract from the album was broadcasted on finish radios. Its name: Ever Dream. An almost 5 minutes explosive and symphonic track, which lead everybody to expect the best for the album. Four short extracts then appeared on the official website and the tension among the fans was at its best. The track list was also revealed and a title attracted the attention of the surprised fans: Beauty of the Beast. This title obviously reminded us of one of the band’s cult songs: Beauty and the Beast, released on the 1st album. Was it going to be the following episode of the story? A tribute? We did not know. Eventually, on May 31st 2002, Century Child was released in Finland (we had to wait for the beginning of July to find it in France) and went up to the 1st place of the Finnish charts. Some songs are surprising, like Dead To The World, a genuine Marco-Tarja duet, Slaying the Dreamer for its fierce side, the cover of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s classic song The Phantom Of The Opera, and, of course, the track that closed the album: Beauty Of The Beast, composed of three parts (the first one being composed by Marco), and which eventually, placed itself in the hearts of the fans as one of their favourite songs.

The Century Child World Tour :
LiveThe release of the album was, of course, followed by a new tour across all Europe, but also in Russia and South America where Nightwish was very successful. The tour started in the beginning of summer 2002 and ended a year later, in September 2003, after a break which allowed Tarja to finish her classical singing studies in Germany. France was unfortunately not able to see the band during this tour. Therefore, on September the 2nd 2002, day that then became mythic for French fans, Nightwish performed in Paris, in the Elysée Montmartre which had been sold out for several months.

  • Finland 2002 - Spinefarm - SPI149CD - promo CD
  • Finland 2002 - Spinefarm - SPI149CD - CD - photo1
  • Finland 2002 - Spinefarm - SPI149sp - CD -limited edition with a Cdrom as a bonus - photo1 - photo2 - photo3 - photo4 - photo5
  • Finland 2002 - Spinefarm - SPI149dg - CD - digipack
  • Europe 2002 - Drakkar - LC00539 - promo CD - cardboard sleeve
  • Europe 2002 - Drakkar - 74321 943022 - LP
  • Europe 2002 - Drakkar - 74321 94302 2 - CD - photo1 - photo2 - photo3
  • France 2002 - XIIIBis Records - 64022692 - CD -first edition, bad quality for the booklet
  • France 2002 - XIIIBis Records - 64022692 - CD -second edition, different back and a better quality
  • USA 2002 - Century Media - 8189-2 - promo CD - cardboard sleeve
  • Argentina 2002 - NEMS Enterprises - NEMS 296 - CD
  • Brazil 2002 - Universal - 04400184592 - CD
  • Russia 2002 - Universal - 018 459-9 - CD
  • South Korea 2002 - One Music & Universal - CR8405 - MC
  • Japan 2002 - Toy's Factory - promo MC - photo1
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  • Bulgaria 2003 - Counter Attack - CD
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  • Taiwan 2003 - Magnum Music - CD
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  • China 2003 - Universal - HDCD-074 - CD - cardboard sleeve
  • USA 2003 - Century Media - 8189-2 - CD
  • UK 2004 - Back On Black Records - BOBV008DPD - LP -limited edition double picture vinyl
  • UK 2007 - Spinefarm UK - CD "Reloaded" - with bonus tracks, new booklet, etc... - photo1
  • UK 2007 - Spinefarm UK - Double LP "Reloaded" - two LP in blue color - photo1
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    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
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