Wishmaster Summary

WISHMASTER, Nightwish’s third album, is considered by many as the best album so far. With that album, Nightwish strengthened its leader position in that new musical genre – lyric metal. Nightwish also went on a world tour as headliners for the first time thanks to that album. In brief, Wishmaster is the album which made Nightwish take off and receive the fan's esteem the band deserved!

Release date: 2000
Written and composed by Tuomas Holopainen except :
Come Cover Me : Tuomas / Tuomas-Emppu
Bare Grace Misery : Tuomas / Tuomas-Emppu
Crownless : Tuomas / Tuomas-Emppu
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01. She Is My Sin
02. The Kinslayer
03. Come Cover Me
04. Wanderlust
05. Two For Tragedy
06. Wishmaster
07. Bare Grace Misery
08. Crownless
09. Deep Silent Complete
10. Dead Boy's Poem
11. FantasMic




Deep Silent Complete was chosen to be Wishmaster’s first (and eventually the only) single. This is a typical song; with nice vocal parts by Tarja in the chorus... Unfortunately, no video clip was shot for this song.

Nightwish wrote Sleepwalker for the Eurovision in 2001 in order to represent Finland in the European musical competition. Unfortunately, the song did not make it in spite of the massive amount of votes from the audience!...

The Kinslayer is not truly a single from the Wishmaster album. Yet, a promo cd was edited for some countries and a live video clip (recorded in Argentina) was released for the occasion (besides, it is available on the band’s first DVD ‘From Wishes to Eternity’).

The Wishbox, a collector item limited to 1500 copies, was released in France only. Apart from the album Wishmaster, of course, the box also contains a few good surprises for the fans: a metal key ring, an album with printed autographs on the box and a calendar with pictures of the band. A beautiful and crafted product made by XIII Bis records.





More infos !

Wishmaster history:
While Oceanborn was the album that confirmed the band’s talent; Wishmaster was the album that brought consideration. After they released a special EP for the eclipse (Sleeping Sun), Nightwish went back in studio to concoct us a third album that would be as good as the second one. People waited for the chance to catch Nightwish out after Oceanborn’s success so they had to be as good to remain credible. The album was a success! Many fans still consider it as Nightwish’s best album! Some songs became “classics” such as The Kinslayer, a song dedicated to the victims of a shooting in an american school, Dead Boy’s Poem, one of the most beautiful ballads of the band and Tuomas’ musical testament. And also FantasMic which is a tribute to Walt Disney (the song’s title is a contraction of Fantasia and Mickey), and, of course, the title track of the album, Wishmaster, which ended most of the band’s shows for two tours.

XIII Bis works the seam:
WMAfter Wishmaster, Nightwish was considered as a talented band which started to sell a lot of cds! XIII Bis Records took the most of their success to release two very interesting collector items – the first one was the Wishbox which contains a signed album, a “Nightwish” key ring and a Nightwish calendar too! Limited to 1500 copies, the Wishbox is very hard to find today! A few months later, XIII Bis Records also released a new cd called Wishmastour 2000. The aim of this cd was to allow the French people who used to spend a lot of money in the albums’ imported editions – in order to get the band’s various bonus tracks – to have a small compilation of those new tracks.

Nightwish's Wishmastour:
WishmastourThanks to this third studio album, Nightwish saw one of their dreams come true – touring around the world as an headliner. No more constraint like the ones they had as a supporting group. They were free to offer their audience the show they wanted. Nightwish then gave a more than an hour and half show, offering the crowd the best of their first three albums, and an instrumental (the score from Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea) in order to let Tarja’s voice rest in the middle of the show. Tracks like Beauty And The Beast knew a kind of revival (with Tony Kakko or Marco Hietala – already! – as guests), or Walking In The Air which was given a quicker and lively rhythm at the end of the song. Nightwish even played FantasMic but, unfortunately, only its 3rd Part. Eventually, the band very often played The Pharaoh Sails to Orion, one of the main tracks from Oceanborn, with the presence of Wilska, who came to sing the Pharaon’s part, on the DVD.

  • Finland 2000 - Spinefarm -SPI87sp - CD - limited edition with an hologram cover - photo1
  • Finland 2000 - Spinefarm - SPI87CD - CD - photo1
  • Finland 2000 - Spinefarm - SPI87dg - CD - digipack edition
  • Finland 2000 - Spinefarm - SPI87CD - promo CD
  • USA 2000 - Century Media - 8001-2 - promo CD - carboard sleeve
  • USA 2000 - Century Media - 8001-2 - CD
  • South Korea - ONE Music - ERCD 325 - promo CD
  • South Korea - ONE Music - ERCD 325 - CD - photo1
  • South Korea - ONE Music - ERMC-325 - MC
  • Japan 2000 - Toy's Factory - TFCK-87216 CD - photo1
  • Russia 2000 - FONO Records - f02CD - CD - gold and silver CD
  • Argentina 2000 - NEMS Enterprises - NEMS 197 - CD
  • Poland 2000 - Mystic Production - Mystic Production 249 - MC
  • Poland 2000 - Mystic Production - Mystic Production 249 - CD
  • Brazil 2000 - Rock Brigade - RBR-LCR 2350 - CD
  • France 2000 - XIII Bis Records - 153762 - CD
  • Europe 2000 - Drakkar - 74321 5819 2 - CD - different booklet - photo1 - photo2
  • NL 2000 - Hammerheart Records - VC027 -Vinyl disc in a cardboard sleeve – also exists in red vinyl
  • Russia 2002 - Universal- 064 525-9 - CD
  • Indonesia 2003 - RA Production - RA 019 - MC
  • Ukraine 2003 - Ukrainian Records & Universal - 064525-4 - MC
  • UK 2004 - Back On Black Records - BOBV006DPD -– limited edition double picture vinyl
  • UK 2007 - Spinefarm UK - CD "Reloaded" - with bonus tracks, new booklet, etc... - photo1
  • UK 2007 - Spinefarm UK - Double LP "Reloaded" - two LP in orange color - photo1
  • Abbreviation key :
    CD : compact disc
    LP : vinyl record (33-1/3 rpm)
    7" - 10" - 12" vinyl : 7, 10, 12 inches vinyl record
    MC : Cassette audio = audio tape
    2CD : Double CD
    MCD : Maxi-CD
    CDS : CD Single
    mini-CD : Single in an album-size box
    VD : Video-disc