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12/01/2012 : New single!
"The Crow, The Owl And The Dove", Imaginaerum 2nd single, will be released towards the end of February / beginning of March.



01. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove (Radio edit)
02. The Heart Asks Pleasure First (Theme from movie 'The Piano') - previously unreleased
03. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove (Album version)
04. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove (Instrumental version)
05. The Heart Asks Pleasure First (Instrumental version) - previously unreleased

Release dates:

Finland: 29th Feb 2012
Europe: 2nd March 2012
France : 5 March 2012

- CD Single Digipack
- CD Single Digipack + tee shirt
- LP
06/01/2012 : Happy New Year 2012!
We are wishing you a very happy new year!

This year will sure be a landmark for Nightwish with the release of the Imaginaerum movie, the release in March of the single "The Crow, the Dove and the Owl", and their new tour starting in the USA in January!

Best wishes!
06/01/2012 : Imaginaerum enters the European billboards!
Nightwish latest album made the European billboards, and during a difficult season for bands on top of that!

Finland: #1
Sweden: #3
Switzerland: #3
Germany: #6
Austria: #9
Slovenia: #13
Ireland (independent billboard): #15
Czech Republic: #16
Norway: #17
Poland: #18
Hungary: #21
Netherlands : #24 (Independent billboards: #12)
Italy: #32
France: #33
Portugal: #33
Belgium (Flanders): #44
Spain: #49
Belgium: #51
Danmark: #55
Belgium (Wallonia): #64
United Kingdom: #69 (United Kingdom Rock: #3; independent billboards : #7)
06/01/2012 : Imaginaerum lyrics
Find the lyrics of the album on the French version of the website!

Click here to read the lyrics!
10/12/2011 : Have a say in the upcoming Nightwish interview from the American fan club!
The Nightwish American fan club will interview the band next January for their Los Angeles concert.

It's the occasion for you to ask your own questions to the band!

You'll find all the useful info here, on Nightwish OSA.
25/11/2011 : The latest Imaginaerum teaser
The release of Imaginaerum has never been closer!

Here is the latest video teaser published by the band:

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